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Air Quality Information

A statement from Missy Brunetta on campus standards and actions as of 9/16/2020

The reading on a map of the Purple Air sensor at SSU. The 10-minute average shows air quality of 3.

Air quality at SSU on September 23, 2020

AQI Processes at SSU During the Pandemic

Our thanks to Missy Brunetta, Director of Emergency Services, for sharing this valuable information with our chapter! Here's what she sent us on 9/16/2020, and please note that it is subject to change:

Here is a summary of our air quality process in the time of COVID.  Our normal protocols are more specific and speak to how long employees would be exposed to wildfire smoke with modifications to activities.  Due to COVID, those are simplified as our ability to modify activities for most is reduced.

All numbers are based on the reading available on or, whichever is higher.

  • 100 AQI - Risk Management staff begins active monitoring of conditions

  • 150 AQI - N95 masks made available to staff assigned to work outdoors

  • 150 AQI - Employees with medical conditions which place them in the "sensitive" group (respiratory sensitivity) may receive accommodation for indoor work or applicable leave

  • 200 AQI - Employees who are assigned to work outdoors are strongly recommended to wear N95 mask and reduce exertion in activity when possible

  • 250 AQI - The VP for Administration & Finance will consult with the President about consideration of a soft closure (suspension of non-essential activities, housing remains open).  Closure is only considered when the air quality is stable over 250 AQI for 30 minutes or more.  

  • 500 AQI - Essential employees working outdoors are mandated to wear a fit-tested N95 mask.

Again, please note that these considerations are valid for this wildfire season and will be updated based on lessons learned and considerations linked to the current pandemic.